Frank is a senior Associate at Kigali Partners and Legal consulting since January 2024. He holds a Master in business and corporate law, and a Master Degree in corporate legal engineering and commercial arbitration in Cameroon. After working with various law firms in Cameroon, he moved to Rwanda, where he obtained his DLP (Diploma of Legal Practice).

Admitted to the Rwandan Bar in 2021. He then joined CERTA LAW in in the same year. Frank has wide-ranging experience in the drafting and auditing of commercial contracts, corporate legal management, commercial arbitration, trademark registration and commercial litigation. he is also involved in academic research at a number of universities and international institutions.

He is currently an arbitrator with the Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution (AIADR) in Malaysia, and a visiting lecturer at the University of Kigali (UoK). Frank specializes in Business and Fintech law, Corporate , LegalTech, E-sports, and Intellectual property.

Languages: French, English and basic knowledge of Kinyarwanda

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